Last Name Brewing

Last Name Brewing

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Phone: (909) 579-0032
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[LAST NAME] Brewing offers a personalized and in-depth tasting tour for parties of 4 or more on Sundays at 4pm and 6pm for just $10 per person. Sign up here!

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LAST NAME brewery prides themselves on doing things their way (Hence the black sheep in the logo) and thank god for that! Their beer is unmatched with its bold flavors and offers a selection that will make you feel like a little boy in a candy shop.

About Us

This operation began in 2007 when two award-winning homebrewing brothers got together and decided to go all in and open a brewery. Naturally the brothers, Curt and Andy Dale, decided to call their operation Dale Bros Brewing and operated under this name until 2014. Unfortunately, concentrating more on their beer menu they never got around to trademarking their name. Once they did, they found out it had already been registered by someone else. After long thought, they decided to change their name to LAST NAME brewing knowing that they had already built a loyal following who loved their beer no matter what they called it.